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Around 6,000 years ago global warming was playing havoc with the seas around Britain.  Huge tempests followed by deluges were felling oaks along the eastern side of the country.  They lay buried in the silt reaching a kind of stasis in the anaerobic conditions of the bog.  21st century farmers curse the plough shuddering thump that indicates they have hit such a buried tree.  But to the rescue comes a national living treasure from Kent, Hamish Low, who has mastered how to season such trees when they emerge.  A very inexact science, fraught with failures and drama, sees some of these trees seasoned so as to be useable.  The results can be delicious.  The timber varies in colour from pitch-black at its exterior to an olive green at its centre.  It is a remarkable timber with a fascinating provenance that we take great delight converting into beautiful useable memorials of these magnificent ancient trees.