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“I seem to be engaged in a 40 year affair with timber, it beguiles me and has done so since I got up to unmentionable mischief beneath it as a child.  The towering elms of my youth, the windbreaks of beech or the steep cliffs of ash, all held individual secrets, a narrative of their existence that is revealed by their grain, when felled or fallen, then converted and seasoned. “

We buy our timber in the form of trees, whole trees that have been planked into various thicknesses.  This allows us to carefully select and balance grain patterns when making your furniture.  We painstakingly go so much further than randomly picking timber out of a vast pile with a 'take it as it comes' attitude. It is not enough that it is just wood, it has to be sensitively selected and thoughtfully displayed for it to give of its best.  Each tree will reveal its character, its past and its charms, each tree viewed tells that individual story.  We also like to search out those maverick trees that have a little more to tell.  Rippled ash, tiger oak, olive ash, pippy elm, quilted maple, lace wood; all of these timbers have a more interesting tale to tell.

At the heart of what we do is wood.  We aim to use it responsibly and we select it from managed sources, principally in the UK, with a little from Europe and the USA.  With each tree we aim to expose its charms and memorialise it in pieces of worthwhile furniture.