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“If I were to encapsulate my attitude towards design, it would state that with all my work I like to bring my own times and I seek to do so by considering the long term, without an eye for fad or fashion, and it is a default position that the making has the same eye for posterity. I always keep in my mind those potential great grandchildren squabbling over the legacy long after the Volvo, Rover, BMW or whatever they’re driving then, is back in the ground.  I am aiming for each piece that we design and make to give you consistent day after day, year after year, joy and delight.”

So for those of you who wish to delve deeper into my design mantra, the following list is my constant companion.
In no particular order:

  • Add to design evolution
  • Consider the long term
  • Fulfil the design brief
  • Make fit for purpose
  • Enhance its setting
  • Use materials responsibly
  • Exercise restraint
  • Delight the eye and make it a joy to use
  • Keep within budget!